5 Secret Beaches to Cycle to in Malaga

We’ll start off by being totally honest: secret, secret beaches in Malaga? Well, there actually aren’t any.

But you can find some quieter sands where you won’t be swamped by the crowds and will get some towel space all to yourself. And the good news is that they’re all easy to reach when you hire a bike in Malaga.

So, forget about busy Malagueta and Misericordia beaches, jump onto your saddle and get ready to discover these (almost) secret beaches to ride to in Malaga.

Las Calas de Maro – As secret as it gets

And just about as lovely as the best beaches in Andalucia too.

Calas del Pino and Playa de las Alberquillas near Nerja are a bit of a challenge to get to but take the right sort of Malaga rental bike and your efforts will be more than rewarded.


Think pristine waters, stunning surroundings, soft sand and light shingle plus practically all the beach for you.

Both these beaches lie to the east of Nerja in the stretch of coastline known as the Calas de Maro. The 12km of protected coast has 9 bays, most of which are quiet even in high season. Part of the reason why you may well find yourself alone on the beach is their difficult access but persevere and paradise on the Costa del Sol is yours.

Do: pack a pair of flippers and snorkel for these beaches. The water is as clear as it comes and you’ll discover a fascinating underwater world.

Don’t: forget to take plenty of refreshments – there are hardly any beach bars or restaurants on this stretch of coastline. Carry extra water when it’s hot.

How to get there

Take the N340 east of Nerja to Maro. When you reach the 299km milestone, ride 200m and then turn right for the tracks down to the beaches.

To Nerja by bike: Serious cyclists on the right wheels (trekking bike hire in Malaga )might want to ride to these Maro beaches. It’s a good 55km so allow at least 3 hours and be prepared for some hilly terrain to the east of Nerja.

To Nerja by bus: there’s a frequent bus service between Malaga and Nerja, and you can take your bike on the bus. Book your ticket via the Alsa website and be sure to include a ticket for your bike.

It costs €5 each way and you must arrive 15 minutes before the bus is due to leave.

Peñón del Cuervo – the perfect place to catch the sunrise


Not so quiet at weekends or in high season, the Peñón del Cuervo beach does offer tranquillity first thing in the morning.

Great if you fancy catching the sunrise over the Mediterranean as you take a dip in the fresh water. The small beach has two bays, divided by a stony outcrop known as Crow’s Rock. It’s mostly grey sand with some shingle depending on the tide.

Do: keep your eyes firmly on the water and rock because the view behind isn’t so pretty – that’s the Malaga cement factory standing tall on the other side of the road.

Don’t: forget to take your camera for a perfect selfie of you, the sunrise and the rock.

How to get there

This one’s easy.

Just take the seafront promenade east from our Malaga bike hire shop and ride as far as El Dedo beach near El Candado Marina. Here, you need to go up onto the main road and ride beside it for a very short stretch before you join a designated cycle path. Carry on until you see the Rock and the beach.

If you fancy exploring still further, the cycle path continues all the way to La Cala del Moral and Rincón de la Victoria. Both resorts have lovely beaches, but not secret ones!

Guadalhorce Beach – Just you and the birds

Our next suggestion for secret beaches to ride to in Malaga comes with a birding theme.

The Parque de Guadalhorce beach lies between the Guadalhorce River and its tributary and forms part of the nature reserve. It might be sandwiched between the city, airport and motorway, but this is an oasis of peace and quiet at any time of year.

The beach itself is the wildest on this stretch of the coast. It’s well over 1km long, mostly sandy and usually piled high with driftwood. Just behind is the nature reserve with several lagoons, home to a long, long list of water birds.

They include flamingos, osprey, cormorants and the rare white-headed duck with a bright blue beak.

Do: be careful with the currents if you go swimming. The rivers create a strong undertow especially when the surf is up.

Don’t: forget your binoculars to spot the birds in the lagoons. Or ask to borrow some from the birdwatchers in the hides – they’re usually happy to lend them and point out which birds are which.

How to get there

Take the seafront promenade west from MALAGA BIKE and ride as far as the first river tributary. Here, you need to follow the riverside track until you see the longest wooden bridge in Europe. After you cross this bridge, the nature reserve is yours to explore.

Guadalmar Beach – Just you and the planes

Guadalhorce Beach Malaga Bike

If you’re looking for plenty of sand to yourself and don’t mind a bit of plane noise, this beach to ride to in Malaga is for you. Guadalmar Beach stretches all the way from the river to Torremolinos and parts of it attract the locals in their hordes.

But there’s one section that somehow manages to keep the crowds away and offers quiet sunbathing. The spot to head for are the sands in front of the Parador Golf Club, often deserted with plenty of room for everyone.

Do: ride further west to Los Álamos Beach afterwards for a cocktail and live DJ session at one of the beach clubs.

Don’t: ride to this one on your Malaga rental bike if the wind is blowing from the north. Planes come into land from the sea right over this beach and to say it’s loud is an understatement!

How to get there

The route to this secret beach in Malaga is the same as to the Guadalhorce natural reserve.

But once you cross the river via the side of the motorway, follow the track down river as far as the road. Cycle right through Guadalmar before heading south to the sea. Follow the tracks west as far as the golf course. Here you need to get off your bike and walk through the sand to your spot.

Any beach in Malaga

Whatever type of beach you’re looking for, they’re all easy to get to by rental bike in Malaga. Book your wheels, ask us for recommendations and directions, and set off for a great day on the sands.

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