6 reasons to go on a cycling holiday in Malaga

There are many ways to discover a destination but seeing it on a bike often reveals a very different perspective.  

A cycling holiday in Malaga does just that. 

Not only will you get a good workout, but you’ll also enjoy great weather, take in some amazing scenery and make the most of the long list of things to do. 

Add to these a delicious foodie scene and you’ve got one great vacation! Read on to discover 6 compelling reasons to go on a Malaga cycling holiday. 

Sunshine and more sunshine


Even die-hard cyclists will agree, riding on two wheels is no fun in the rain especially if you’re on your well-deserved holiday. 

Good weather is one of Malaga’s fortes – a cycling holiday is rarely rained off here. In fact, with over 300 days of sunshine a year, it’s quite the opposite! 

Expect pleasant temperatures with clear skies and sunshine almost always. 

That said, we recommend booking your cycling holiday in Malaga for the winter, spring or autumn, the best seasons. 

If you do want to cycle in Malaga in July and August, ride first thing in the morning or the last thing at night to make the most of the cooler times of the day. 

Top tip – cycling can make hot work especially if you’ve chosen a mountain ride. Make the beach your end destination for a refreshingly cool dip in the Mediterranean. At any time of year!

Workout (or not)

Another advantage of choosing Malaga for your cycling holiday comes in the variety of terrain. 

While the city is mostly flat, the outskirts offer a range of gentle hills to seriously challenging mountain slopes. 

This means that whatever your fitness level, you can ride a route to suit you. 

We have some great suggestions for cycle routes in Malaga covering a range of distances and difficulty levels. 

Ask the staff at our Malaga rental bike shop for recommendations and maps when you collect your bike. 

Top tip – plan your cycling holiday in Malaga to include easy and difficult routes. Start with the gentler ones to get your cycling legs before moving on to the tough ones. 

Natural beauty


We know we’re biased, but Malaga definitely ranks among the most beautiful places in southern Spain. 

The province comes jam-packed with stunning landscapes at every turn and as a result, ticks all the boxes for cyclists who love the big outdoors. 

  • Coastal routes with secret bays and rocky cliffs? Tick.
  • Mountain tracks with the scent of pine and sea breezes in the air? Tick.
  • Country roads lined with pretty white villages? Tick.
  • River valley trails lined with citrus groves? Tick again. 

And when you want a spot of urban landscapes, take a ride around Malaga itself.

Top tip – if you’re planning to ride inland on your Malaga cycling holiday, book for the spring when the countryside bursts into colour with wildflowers.  

Plenty to do


If you’re looking for variety on your cycling holiday, you’ve chosen the right location. This part of southern Spain offers something for everyone. The Costa del Sol has some excellent beaches for relaxation on or after your bike ride. 

Malaga has a long list of historic and cultural things to do and see – there are over 30 museums, for example. And monuments include Roman ruins, Moorish castles and Baroque churches. 

If sightseeing isn’t your thing, the city offers excellent shopping opportunities and boasts a year-round calendar of events. 

Choose from musical such as the Jazz Festival in November; spiritual in Holy Week in March/April; party-type like Malaga Fair in August; festive such as the Christmas celebrations… 

Top tipour blog has a long list of articles about things to do in Malaga. Take a look round for some real inspiration.

Foodie feast 

sardines pedregalejo

You might not think of Malaga and the Costa del Sol as gourmet destinations but you need to think again. 

In recent years, the area has made something of a name for itself in culinary creativity and as a result, offers great food.  And your cycling holiday gives you the perfect opportunity to try it. 

Need a big dose of calories after a tough cycle ride? Try the traditional plato de los montes, a plate piled high with chorizo, pork fillets, black pudding, chips, eggs and peppers. 

Fancy a winter warmer after an early morning ride? Order a gazpachuelo, a thick creamy soup with potatoes, fish and seafood. 

Like to chill in the evening? Head for a tapas bar for a glass of local wine and innovative small bites. Want to taste fresh local produce? Make your way to one of the beach restaurants for crispy fried fish and grilled sardines washed down with Malaga craft beer. 

Top tip – you can try great food with every single meal in Malaga and in between. Ask us for top recommendations for the best places for breakfast, a quick bite, ice cream, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner… 

Easy to get to 


Our final reason for choosing a cycling holiday in Malaga is also one of the most important – great connections. You want a destination that’s easy to get to at any time of year and from an airport near you.

Malaga Airport has direct flights to over 100 cities in Europe including the continent’s best connections to London. Most operate throughout the year meaning your cycling holiday is an easy flight away. 

Top tip – buy your flights in advance to get the best deals. You might find that the prices are so low you can book several visits! 

We’re bike specialists and know the area inside out so if you’re planning a Malaga cycling holiday, get in touch. We’re only too happy to help to ensure you have the best holiday on two wheels ever.

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