What to breakfast in Malaga

Forget your cereal, boiled eggs, sausages and yoghurts. Breakfast in Malaga centres around coffee and toasted bread, usually in the form of a bread roll known as a pitufo (also the word for Smurf!).

Pitufos come in a variety of bread types including gluten-free and even more fillings. Olive oil and fresh tomato is one of the most popular along with mixto (ham and cheese), but you’ll also find cured ham, salami, salad, bacon and cheese making an appearance.

When they’re not tucking into toasted bread rolls, the locals are enjoying churros, another favourite breakfast staple. These deep-fried batter sticks traditionally pair with hot chocolate, served thick and rich in Malaga, but even the hungriest Malagueños find that a bit hard to stomach first thing so most people deep their churros in coffee.

Breakfast happens at any time in the morning. Early birds tuck in from 8 am, but most people enjoy their first meal of the day between 9 am and midday.

So, now you know what to eat and when to read on to discover where you should be pedalling to for breakfast on your rental bike in Malaga.

Traditional and quaint at La Recova


Our first pick of great spots for breakfast to cycle to in Malaga takes you into the heart of the old quarter, just around the corner from San Juan Church (pop inside to take a look if it’s open early).

La Recova has been serving traditional breakfast for years in an arts and crafts shop. Tables and chairs are pretty small so be prepared for not much elbow room, but the great toast and spreads (savoury and sweet) more than compensate.

And while you’re there, take a look at the handicrafts and local produce on sale and stock up on some great souvenirs to take home.

How to get there

La Recova is in Paisaje de Nuestra Señora de Los Dolores de San Juan, up Calle San Juan. Ask our staff for the exact directions when you pick up your bike.

Cycling time from our Malaga rental bike shop: 5 minutes.

Google map here.

Churros Malaga-style at Tejeringos Coffee


Malaga has plenty of great places to try churros but seeing as we’re on two wheels it makes sense to include a venue that’s worth cycling too.

One of the branches of Tejeringos Coffee lies in the west of the city and makes a perfect stop if you’re on your way to the Guadalhorce Natural Park.

Tejeringos are the Malaga version of churros, thinner than the traditional sort and fried in a twist. This busy café serves them freshly cooked always and by number so you can just order one to start with. Also on the menu are pitufos (of course!) with a long list of fillings.

How to get there

Tejeringos Coffee is on Avenida Imperio Argentina 7, in the west of the city near the athletics stadium. It’s an easy breakfast spot to cycle to in Malaga and the route mostly runs along the bike lanes on the western seafront. Ask our staff for a map showing the exact location.

Cycling time from our Malaga rental bike shop: 25 minutes.

Google map here.

Breakfast with a sea view at Mums


If you’re planning to explore the west side of Malaga or fancy visiting one of the museums on this side of the city, start your day on the western seafront at this friendly café with frontline views of La Misericordia beach and Malaga Port.

Pitufos are a house speciality here and the campero with egg, bacon and salad is favourite among regulars. If you’re here a little later in the day, try one of their craft beers or the house ice cream in some mouth-watering flavours.

How to get there

Once you hit the bike lanes on the western seafront, cycle until you see the tall chimney just ahead of you. Mums is on the right, just after Burger King.

Cycling time from our Malaga rental bike shop: 15 minutes.

Google map here.

Cheap and cheerful at Zapata


Zapata makes perhaps the most authentic breakfast of all as well as a great spot to stop on your way east. Serving the pitufo staples and coffee with the caffeine levels you need for a long bike ride, this busy bar charges just €1 for coffee and the same for a bread roll with olive oil.

Sophisticated it ain’t and there are no sea views, but if you’re looking for value, breakfast doesn’t come cheaper than here.

How to get there

Bar Cafeteria Zapata is on Calle Salvador Allende 29 in El Palo, on the street parallel to the seafront. Cycle east on the seafront, cross over the bridge into El Palo and when you reach the pergola, take a left up to the main road. Zapata is slightly further along on the right.

Cycling time from our Malaga rental bike shop: 25 minutes.

Google map here.

Ask us

Whatever your breakfast tastes, our staff can come up with more recommendations for the best breakfast spots to cycle to in Malaga.

Just ask us when you collect your bike and we’ll point them out on a map. Or get in touch here or call us on +34 606 978 513.