How To Prepare For Your Cycling Holiday In Malaga

One of the best ways to enjoy Malaga is from the saddle. 

The city offers plenty of great cycling opportunities and its pleasant year-round climate means that you’ll rarely find it too wet or too cold. 

That said, there are still things you need to know to ensure that you’re fully prepared for your cycling holiday in Malaga. 

In this post, we’ve included all the information we think you need so that your trip to Malaga on two wheels rides as smoothly as possible. 

Decide when to go 


Before you click on the ‘buy flight’ button, take a moment to think about the best time to cycle in Malaga. 

As we’ve already said, Malaga enjoys a pleasant climate all year and sunshine comes almost guaranteed. 

However, every season has different advantages for cyclists: 

Spring – warm temperatures, lots of sunshine and occasional showers. The longer days make this one of the best seasons for a cycling holiday in Malaga. 

Summer – hot and humid, especially in August, but sea breezes keep cyclists cooler. High tourist season means beaches and coastal routes are busy, but you’ll have the mountain roads almost to yourself.

Autumn – warm temperatures and cooler evenings. October and November can be wet, although it rarely rains for more than 2 days at a time. The city is quieter at this time of year.

Winter – cooler weather with some rain, but temperatures rarely drop below 10 degrees in the city. In the mountains, it can drop to almost zero. With the exception of Christmas, this season is one of the quietest in the city. 

Not sure whether cycling in Malaga is for you? 

Discover six compelling reasons why it most certainly is!

Top tip – Malaga hosts a year-round calendar of events that include Carnival, Holy Week, Malaga Fair and Malaga Film Festival. Ask our staff for details and plan your visit to coincide (or not…). 

Book your MALAGA BIKE rental bike 


Now you’ve booked your flight and your accommodation in Malaga, you’ll need to book your bike. 

But before you do, consider the sort of cycling holiday in Malaga you want. 

Are you planning to discover the city and sightsee from the saddle? Are you keen to explore the coastline on two wheels? Do you fancy some serious cycling in the Malaga mountains? Or maybe a combination of all three. 

Whatever your choice, make sure the bike ticks all the boxes. Our Malaga bike rental service offers a range of models from city bikes to mountain bikes and hybrid models. 

We also rent bikes for children and if you fancy seeing Malaga on a bicycle made for two, you can even hire a tandem! Take a look and choose your bike here.

What to pack for a cycling holiday in Malaga

Next up is your suitcase. You don’t need much so you can travel light. 



If you’re going to do lots of cycling in Malaga, you may wish to pack padded bike shorts to reduce friction between you and the saddle. 

The same applies to gloves – your hands will thank you for a bit of protection and you’ll get a better grip on the handlebars. 

Before you set off to Malaga, do a rain check and if showers are forecast during your stay, pack a rain poncho. 

This waterproof cover has the advantage of protecting both you and your backpack from the rain. Get a hi-vis poncho so other cycles and vehicles can see you easily.

Sun protection

The sun shines bright and warm all year round in Malaga, even in winter so make sure you pop some sun cream and sunglasses in your suitcase. 

Go for a high-factor sun cream with both UVA and UVB protection. Apply generously whenever you go out cycling and don’t forget the back of your neck, your shoulders and legs. 

Sunglasses are another essential. If you’re doing some serious cycling in Malaga, invest in some sports sunglasses. These stay on better and their larger lenses offer better eye protection. Sunglasses also keep the insects out of your eyes! 

What you don’t need to pack

All our rental bikes come with helmets and locks, completely free of charge. If you need a pannier for your equipment, picnic or purchases, you can rent one for just €3 a day. 

For serious cycling or if you’re planning to go off the beaten track, you may wish to take a bike repair kit with you.

Ask our staff when you pick up your rental bike in Malaga. 

Top tip – Malaga has several excellent cycle shops and stores where you can buy sports equipment. If you arrive on your Malaga cycling holiday without one of the essentials, pop into one of the shops to get what you need. Ask our staff for directions.

Plan some routes


Although spontaneous holidays are fun, to get the most from yours in Malaga spend a bit of time thinking ahead and deciding where you want to cycle to. 

The city and local area offer a range of routes suitable for different ages and fitness levels. You can go out for a whole day in the saddle or just cycle for an hour. 

To whet your appetite, take a look at our suggestions for some great cycle routes in Malaga. Their distances range from just over 7km to nearly 140km – definitely something for everyone! 

Top tip – unless you’re fit and/or used to cycling up and downhill, don’t be over-ambitious with the routes for your cycling Malaga holiday. The mountains include some challenging gradients so include a rest day after a ride up and down the slopes. 

Take our advice 

As all tourists know, there’s nothing like local advice so when you pick up your bike for your Malaga cycling holiday, ask our staff as many questions as you need to. 

Or get in touch here or call us on +34 606 978 513