Things to do in Pedregalejo

In recent years, the old fisherman’s neighbourhood of Pedregalejo has become one of the coolest places to hang out, popular with both Malagueños and visitors to the city alike.

Whether you want to enjoy the hustle typical of the summer months or the tranquil days of winter, it is always worth going there to stroll along the promenade and try a typical dish in one of the beach bars.

In this article, you can find tips for things to do in Pedregalejo and how to get there by bicycle.

Things to do in Pedregalejo

pedregalejo sunset

The narrow back streets parallel to the promenade are usually quiet and therefore easy to pass through by bike. In the doors of the quaint houses, it is common to see images of the Virgin del Carmen, the patron saint of sailors, which is taken out once a year in a procession by the locals on July 16th. Of course, this procession is done on a boat and transcurs along the coast of this neighbourhood.

If you love the sea and sailing, you can visit the old boatyard Astilleros Nero which is located at the very beginning of the promenade. There you can see, among other things, how they make the ‘jábegas’, the traditional Malagueño wooden fishing boat, many of which you can still see dotted along the beaches of Pedregalejo.

Where to eat in Pedregalejo

However, the main attraction of this neighbourhood for the Malagueños is the gastronomy.

If you want to try ‘pescaito’ (the typical mixed fried fish dish), then this is the place to do it! There are many restaurants where you can eat the best ‘Espetos de Sardinas’ (sardines cooked on a stick over wood-burning boat barbecues) and other typical dishes of this area at very reasonable prices.

sardines pedregalejo

If fish isn’t your thing or you would like to try something different, there are many other options: the restaurant Pez Tomillo offers a high-quality Mediterranean fusion menu, La Calle is the hamburger joint of preference for the locals, and you can find many other types of restaurants along the promenade. If you fancy an ice-cream, Lauri is a must- one of the most traditional and popular ice-cream parlours of Malaga.

While in the area, it is almost obligatory to visit the restaurant El Balneario. Constructed in 1918, this old ‘balneario’ (spa/bathing station) located at Baños del Carmen, just before the beginning of Pedregalejo, has some of the best views of the bay of Malaga and is, without a doubt, the place in the city to enjoy the sunset. Order a nice cup of coffee or a cocktail there, especially on the weekends, when you can often enjoy live music.

pedregalejo sunset malaga

How to get to Pedregalejo

The easiest, fastest and most enjoyable way to get to Pedregalejo (Google map) is, without doubt, by bicycle!

From our MALAGA BIKE shop, just cycle through the port area (Muelle 1), turn left at the lighthouse and cycle along the promenade next to the beaches of the Malagueta and La Caleta. (The ‘sand’ sculpture of the name of the Malagueta beach is a photo opportunity not to be missed).  Once you are on the promenade, keep going east until you see a bike path.

Once the bike path ends, take the first street to your right and voilá- you are in Pedregalejo- just a pleasant 4 km ride from the centre of Malaga.

If you need more information about renting a bike or more things to do in Pedregalejo and the surrounding areas, the MALAGA BIKE staff are always happy to help you.