5 simple but beautiful things to do ON A BIKE IN MALAGA!

For first time cyclists in Malaga or seasoned Malaga bikers, we are sure our insider tips will enhance your cycling experience on your holiday. When you rent a bike Malaga, be sure to include our recommendations in your bike route. And all are on easy, non-challenging routes!

1. cycle to gibralfaro castle

Here at MALAGA BIKE, we often get asked if it is possible to go to the Gibralfaro castle by bike. And the answer is YES!!

3 reasons why you should do this beautiful trip to the top:
1.  Cycle through the forest to reach the top on a car-free road. On the way, enjoy views from a different perspective over the city, the beach and the bullring.
2. Add a relaxing and active work-out to your holiday. (Then you can eat more tapas!)
3. Explore one of the most impressive Moorish influences that the city has.

view over city of Malaga from Gibralfaro mountain with trekking bike

View over the city of Malaga from the traffic-free road on Monte Gibralfaro

How to reach Gibralfaro Castle by bike

The route to the top is approx. 2 km from the MALAGA BIKE shop. Monte Gibralfaro has an altitude of 100m. Therefore, we recommend renting one of our KONA trekking bikes. Cycle up the hill beside the Alcazaba fortress in the historical centre. Then cycle through the tunnel at the back of the Alcazaba and just keep going up! Make sure to stop at the mirador once you leave the forest road. Naturally, the views from the top are amazing!

2. cycle over the longest wooden bridge in europe!

Here at MALAGA BIKE we think there is nothing more fun than cycling over a bridge. And in Malaga, do we have the best bridge to enjoy that experience on! You can find this beautiful bridge to the west of the city centre. The bridge spans one of the tributaries of the River Guadalhorce.

3 reasons why you should do this trip to the spectacular wooden bridge :

  1. Enjoy cycling on the safety of a bike path that goes from the city centre to the Guadalhorce
  2. Explore off the beaten track parts of Malaga.
  3. Discover the Nature Reserve of the river Guadalhorce or continue on to Torremolinos
The longest wooden bridge in Europe over the River Guadalhorce in Malaga

How to reach the wooden bridge by bike

The bridge is approximately 7 kms from the city centre. Follow one of our favourite bike routes west towards Torremolinos. We also have the routes on QR codes in the MALAGA BIKE shop. As well, our enthusiastic team always explain the route to you before you leave our shop.

3. cycle out to the malaga cruise ship terminal

Just a slight detour off your bike route along the east coast of Malaga, we highly recommend going the extra kilometre!

3 reasons why you should cycle out to the cruise ship terminal

  1. Venture to where few tourists go!
  2. Your reward is the spectacular views on the way back over the mountains of Malaga, the city, the port and the coastline.
  3. Say you have visited the second largest cruise ship terminal in Spain- after Barcelona!
Three cyclists riding through the port of Malaga on MALAGA BIKE rental bikes.

Cycling through the port of Malaga en route to the cruise ship terminal

How to reach the Malaga Cruise Ship terminal

Cycle through the harbour, along Muelle Uno towards the lighthouse. After the barrier, go up the hill and then turn right towards the cruise ship terminal.

4. cycle EAST to ‘el tintero’

At the half-way point on our east coast bike route, you will find one of the most unique restaurants anywhere- EL TINTERO.

3 reasons why you should do this trip to EL TINTERO

  1. It is an unforgettable dining experience. There is no menu. The waiters – and lots of them- walk around the restaurant shouting the names of the dishes they are carrying: Gambas! Pulpo! Calamares!…etc. So even if you don’t understand Spanish, you can see the food and simply pick the ones that take your fancy.
  2. En route you will pass through the charming old fishermen’s neighbourhoods of Pedregalejo and El Palo.
  3. After your ‘chaotic’ dining experience you can continue along the coast to the beautiful town of Rincón de la Victoria. Cycling through the old train tunnels just before Rincon is super cool!
Waiter carrying food at the restaurant El Tintero in Malaga

Eating at El Tintero beach bar is a must-do when in Malaga!

How to get to El Tintero

Simply follow our east coast bike route. El Tintero is the very last restaurant on the promenade in El Palo. It is approximately 7 kms from the MALAGA BIKE shop.

5. cycle to el limonero dam

If you are planning on visiting the Botanical Gardens of Malaga, then we suggest extending your bike ride to visit the spectacular Limonero Dam.

3 reasons why you should do this trip to the Limonero Dam

  1. The dam that provides water to the city of Malaga is just over 8 kms from the city centre. You´ll enjoy spectacular views over the Montes of Malaga and the city from there.
  2. The dam is just 1.3 kms from the Botanical gardens- a tiny bit of a climb but well worth it.
  3. From the MALAGA BIKE shop, the route takes place mainly on bike paths. The road to the Dam is also car-free.
The Limonero Dam, Malaga

The spectacular Limonero Dam

How to get to the Limonero Dam

Simply follow our bike route to the Botanical Gardens. When you go through the tunnel near the gardens, take a right, cycle up the hill and the entrance to the dam is on your left. Part way up the road to the dam, you will see a barrier that is to stop vehicles going through. There is a gap at the side of the barrier for pedestrians and cyclists to pass through.

We hope you enjoy our 5 highlights of Malaga when you rent your bike from MALAGA BIKE. And remember- we have lots more insider tips. Just ask- we’re here to help!