Top 4 restaurants to cycle to in Malaga

You’ll have noticed that there are plenty of restaurants in Malaga centre and many of them offer excellent food and value for money.

But if you fancy something a little different – a change of scenery, fewer tourists or bargain local prices – take your MALAGA BIKE rental and ride away from the city centre.

Read on for our top restaurant picks worth riding to.

El Tintero, El Palo – Grab your plate while you can

Malaga is famous for its fried fish, known as pescaíto frito, served at most of the bars and restaurants along the beach. Hiring a bike in Malaga gives you the ideal opportunity to ride to one of the most typical places on the Costa del Sol to eat fish.

El Tintero in El Palo is something of an institution among tourists and locals alike, and one thing is guaranteed, it offers an unforgettable holiday experience.


Why go there?

Crispy plates of fried fish and seafood are yours for the taking as the waiters pass through the tables shouting out their wares.

It’s a case of grabbing the one you fancy when you see it. And you can sleep off your lunch on the beach afterwards.

What’s on the menu

Locally fished anchovies, whitebait, baby squid, octopus, prawns, squid, cockles, mussels… You get the idea.

While you’re at El Tintero:

Do: Be prepared for a loud lunch especially if you go on weekends. This is one of the busiest restaurants in Malaga and not the place for a romantic meal for 2.

Don’t: Be tempted to get too many plates at once. Pace yourself (fried fish is surprisingly filling) and remember, there’s always more coming round.

Need an alternative?

If El Tintero is just that bit too busy for you, try one of the other beach restaurants nearby.

We like Restaurante Victoria almost next door and Narval, just before you ride over the bridge.

How to get there from MALAGA BIKE

Take the seafront promenade and ride east, past Pedregalejo and over the two bridges in El Palo.

It’s flat all the way and takes 30 minutes.

Ask us to mark the spot on the office map. Or follow this one

Essential information

El Tintero opens daily from 12.30pm onwards. Avda Salvador Allende 97. Tlf: +34 650 680 874

Bar Fuente de la Reina, Montes de Malaga – Some rewarding calories


If you fancy a real challenge with your bike hire in Malaga, this one’s for you.

Cycle up to Bar Fuente de la Reina next to the historic the Fuente de la Reina (Queen’s fountain) on the way to Colmenar in the Montes de Málaga mountains for some serious cycling, exceptional views and a very rewarding plate of food at the end.

Why go there?

This is one of the most exhilarating rides near Malaga and it offers stunning views of the city, coastline and mountain ranges all around, every pedal of the way.

It also gives you the chance to try some traditional mountain fare and is the perfect excuse to stuff yourself with calories.

Plus it’s freewheeling downhill all the back to leave your bike rental.

What’s on the menu

Cold cuts, cheeses and salads as well as traditional stews and the plato de los montes, a plate of sausage, black pudding, pork fillet, fried peppers and egg plus a ton of chips

While you’re cycling to Bar Fuente de la Reina:

Do: Pace yourself on this bike ride because it’s a tough one.

Don’t: Forget to take plenty of water and stop often to take in the gorgeous views (and rest your legs!).

Need an alternative?

The road up to Colmenar has bars and restaurants at regular intervals so if you don’t fancy riding up as far as the fountain, or want to go further on, there are other good options for a meal.

How to get there from MALAGA BIKE

This bike ride might just be 17.5km but goes from sea level to just over 900m.

Allow around two and a half hours for this one.

Reserve your bike with us and make sure you pick up your free helmet.

Ask us to show you the route on the map for this one. Or follow this one. 

Essential information

Bar Fuente de la Reina opens every day except Thursday. It’s open from early in the morning to late evening.

Arrozeando, Malaga – Rice with everything


While it’s easy to find great fish and seafood in Malaga, good rice dishes are more of a challenge. One of the best places to eat traditional paella, black rice and fideuá (a noodle dish) is Arrozeando on the west side of the city.

Why go there?

Probably the best rice in town at wallet-friendly prices cooked by staff with their roots in Valencia, the home of Spain’s traditional paella. And you can take a siesta on the beach afterwards or check out the nearby Russian Museum or Car Museum.

What’s on the menu

Salads, croquettes and seafood for starters followed by rice any which way: traditional paella, black rice (cooked in squid ink), creamy lobster rice… Plus fideuá, noodles cooked paella-style.

While you’re at Arrozeando:

Do: Go easy on the portions, more than generous here. As a general rule, order rice for one less person than in your party so if there are four of you, order rice for three.

That said, the minimum order is for two, but you can always take the leftovers back with you for some delicious seconds later on.

Don’t: Expect a fancy interior. This one’s cheap and cheerful.

Need an alternative?

Just round the corner from Arrozeando is one of the best places to eat burgers in Malaga: Nómadas whose Angus burgers attract crowds from all over the city.

How to get there from MALAGA BIKE

Ride west along the seafront bike lanes until you reach the Diputación. Ask us to mark the exact place when you pick up your MALAGA BIKE rental. It’s just over 4km so you’ll be there in about 20 minutes.

Here’s a map.

Essential information

Arrozeando opens Tuesday to Sunday from 1.30 to 6pm. Avda de Sor Teresa Prat 84.
Tlf: +34 951 530 874 

Jardín Botánico La Concepción Cafe, Malaga – Serene and botanic snacks


Malaga’s botanical gardens offer an oasis of peace and quiet as well as a long, long list of amazing plants and trees.

The Jardín Botánico La Concepción is home to a gorgeous wisteria pergola, Europe’s largest black bamboo plantation and trees from over 80 countries around the world. And as well as lots of greenery and flowers, the gardens also have one of the best cafés in Malaga.

Why go there?

Excellent homemade food while you sit back and relax with great views of the gardens.

What’s on the menu

Apart from the pizzas, everything is homemade. Hearty sandwiches, quiches, salads and meatballs with couscous make up the snack menu. You can also take your pick of infusions, coffee and soft drinks.

While you’re at the Botanical Gardens café:

Do: Be prepared to wait a while for your food when the café is busy. They prepare the salads and sandwiches one by one so be patient.

Don’t: Forget to leave room for one of the delicious homemade cakes. We just love the lemon meringue pie. And the coffee’s good too.

Idea for an alternative

The gardens have plenty of designated picnic areas so you could take your own lunch. Why not stock up on some goodies from Atarazanas Market on your way?

How to get there from MALAGA BIKE

Allow 30 minutes (it’s about 6km). It’s very slightly uphill all the way, although nothing too difficult. There are cycle lanes almost all the way there. When you get your bike rental in Malaga, ask us for full details on how to reach the Botanical Gardens. We’ll be more than happy to help.

Essential information

The café is open during the botanical garden opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 9.30am to 7.30pm (4.30pm October to March). Entry costs €5.20 and is free on Sundays 3.30 to 7.30pm April to September and all day on Sundays October to March. See the website or follow this map

More suggestions for great restaurants in Malaga

Our friendly team know Malaga inside out so don’t forget to ask us for more tips on where to eat.