La Feria in Malaga

The Malaga Fair (Feria) is one of the key events of the year and ranks as southern Spain’s biggest summer party. 

Lasting a full 10 days, the Feria gives you the chance to enjoy dancing and singing as well as catch-free concerts, see some great fireworks and ride all the typical funfair attractions. 

It also showcases some typical Andalusian traditions such as flamenco, Sevillanos and horses. 

What is the reason for la Feria?

On August 19th 1487, the Catholic Monarchs King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel conquered the city of Malaga ending eight centuries of Moorish rule.

And we are still celebrating the Christian conquest of the city over 500 years later with the biggest street party in southern Europe- the Feria of Málaga!  However, the only religious commemoration these days during the fair is on the first day of the fair when you can experience a colourful pilgrimage of horses and carriages.

The parade  starts at the Malaga City Hall and makes it way to the Iglesia de la Victoria where a mass is celebrated in honour of la Virgen de la Victoria- whose statue was presented to the city by the Catholic Monarchs in 1487.

Malaga Feria Facts

malaga feria

The Feria lasts for 10 days this year, from Saturday 13 August to Saturday 20 August. The celebrations officially start at midnight on Friday 12 August with a giant firework display based on the pier near the lighthouse. 

You can see the display from many locations in Malaga such as La Malagueta beach, Muelle Uno, the Pergola and the Gibralfaro viewing platform.

Unsurprisingly, this is a huge event so get to your chosen spot early on to be sure of a place.

After the fireworks, Malaga gets down to serious celebrations. Some are based around Calle Larios and the old quarter. Dancing and singing (as well as a lot of drinking!) takes place from noon every day and there’s live music at squares such as Plaza de las Flores and Plaza de la Merced.

The stage in Plaza de la Constitución has daily concerts including traditional Malaga music and dance known as verdiales.

The other centre for Malaga Feria celebrations takes place in the fairground proper. Known as the Real de la Feria, this big area is home to the casetas (marquees for concerts, dancing and singing plus drinks and tapas), the funfair attractions and the main flamenco and horse riding exhibitions. 

Events take place here between midday and the small hours (the last attractions usually close at 5am or 6am).

How to get to the Feria of Malaga on your bike

Some of the best events at Malaga Feria take place in the fairground, which is easy to get to on your bike. The ride to the Real de la Feria is just over 5km from our MALAGA BIKE Shop and takes around 25 minutes.

Ask our staff for detailed instructions on how to get there or follow this map

What to see when you get there

The Real de la Feria is the place to be for fans of the quintessentially Andalusian traditions of flamenco, Sevillanos (a kind of flamenco danced in groups) and horses.

Events involving all take place every day during the Feria from noon to 7 pm.

Best of all, this is one of the less busy areas meaning you can enjoy Malaga Feria on your bike without so many crowds.

Horse and carriage parades

No feria in Andalusia would be complete without processions of horses and carriages and Malaga is no exception. The horses are immaculately groomed and they and their carriages are dressed up in finery. 

The riders are dressed in traditional Andalusian costume and this is where you’ll see some of the best flamenco dresses and outfits. Every day during the Feria (13 to 20 August) there are horse and carriage parades in the Real de la Feria between noon and 8 pm. 

The highlight is when the annual horse and carriage competition takes place at the Horse Exhibition Centre (Centro de Exposiciones Ecuestres) on Calle Antonio Rodriguez Sanchez.

Horse shows and exhibitions


You can also watch horse shows and exhibitions with a different theme each day. They range from horse dancing displays to flamenco-style shows. 


Fans of flamenco and traditional Andalusian copla songs have a date at the Caseta Municipal marquee. Concerts take place daily at 2 pm during the Fair.

What else to enjoy during Malaga Fair on your bike

The Feria is undoubtedly one of the best events of the year in Malaga, but 10 full days can tire even the biggest party-goers. And you’ll probably find, like most people, that after two or three days you’re ready for something else. 

The good news is that Malaga is packed with things to do that take you away from the Feria action to a bit of peace and quiet.

Secret beaches in Malaga

maro beaches malaga bike

Fancy a bit of time-out on the sands? Then head for one of these five beaches on your bike, all lovely spots and with room for your towel even in the middle of August.

Eastern Malaga


One of the best self-guided bike tours in Malaga takes you 20km east along the coast. 

An easy route that’s flat and traffic-free, the ride takes you past some key landmarks in Malaga, lots of sandy beaches and some railway tunnels, now official bike lanes. See it for yourself

Museums of Malaga

car musuem malaga

Malaga boasts over 30 museums offering something for everyone. Check out our pick of five, all interesting and easy to get to on your bike.

These museums also take you out of the city centre giving you some welcome down-time from Malaga Fair.

What you need to know about rental bikes in Malaga during the Fair

Our rental shop will open during usual hours, daily from 10 am to 7 pm and supply all you need when you hire a bike in Malaga.

To find out more about our services or what’s on at Malaga Fair, just get in touch here. Alternatively, give us a call on +34 606 978 513.