Malaga Bike Routes | North to the Botanical Gardens

9 KM

Each way

Soccor stadium

Botanical Garden

Limonero Dam

End point

Best views

Over the city and mountains

This cycling route takes you north to nature! The Botanical Gardens (Jardín Botánico La Concepción) is just a 7 km bike ride from the city centre. This is a definite must-do of our MALAGA BIKE Routes. The route takes place mainly on official bike paths. Also well worth a visit after the gardens is the spectacular Limonero Dam. A brief description of points along the route is listed below. If you would like to read more fun facts then please check out our blog.

All of our suggested MALAGA BIKE Routes can be done on either a city bike rental bike or a trekking bicycle. Always better to reserve in advance to avoid disappointment.

Route points:

1. Corte Inglés

Spain’s most famous department store chain- for your one-stop shopping needs. There is also a gourmet food hall on the top floor with a rooftop terrace. The views are spectacular! The bike path continues on Calle Armengual de la Mota behind Corte Ingles.

2. Malaga F.C. Stadium- La Rosaleda

Malaga football club has a very long history. Founded in 1904, its first football ground was at Baños del Carmen. For football fans, the stadium also has a very nice guided tour and a museum.

3. Polideportivo Ciudad Jardín

At this point the bike path ends. Continue one block north. Turn right at the gas station. Then turn left at the next roundabout. Follow the road until you see a tunnel.

4. Tunnel

Go through the tunnel. After the tunnel, turn left to get to the Botanical Gardens. Turn right to go to the Limonero Dam.

5. Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens was once the private estate of one of the most influential people in 19th Century Malaga, Jorge Loring.  Nowadays, it is owned and operated by the city government. Bike parking is available inside the gardens.

6. El Limonero Dam

A 1 km ride from the Botanical Gardens is the Limonero Dam. Built in 1983, it is the main supplier of water to the city of Malaga. Enjoy spectacular views over Malaga, the botanical gardens and the montes of Malaga.

We hope you enjoyed this route!

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