5 Things To Do With Kids On Your Bike In Malaga

Malaga makes a great family destination – fabulous weather, plenty of beaches and some interesting things to do come together to offer a fun-packed holiday.

Even better if it’s on two wheels.

While your kids probably won’t be up to long trips, they will definitely enjoy getting out and about to cycle around the city.

To ensure you get the most out of your visit, here are some suggestions for things to do with kids on your bike in Malaga. 

Our list includes a range of activities when you hire a bike in Malaga for some guaranteed family fun. To make things easier, we’ve included the ideal age range for each one so you can please all your children.

And you’ll also find the distance from our Malaga bike rental shop where you can hire all you need for a day out in the saddle with the kids. 

Get in some Beach Time 


You couldn’t hire a bike in Malaga and not explore the beaches on your two wheels. The good news is that the city’s best beaches are within easy cycling reach.

La Malagueta and La Misericordia come with long stretches of sand, perfect for castling and hunting for shells. Bathing is safe, although some parts of both beaches shelve sharply from the shore so watch your kids don’t get out of their depth.

The best beaches for younger children are those in Pedregalejo and El Palo where you’ll find a succession of small bays with shallow bathing. 

All beaches have toilets and showers, plus plenty of beach bars for food and drinks. And if you need equipment like buckets, spades and inflatables, stop at one of the kiosks on the seafront. Lifeguards operate daily from 1 June to mid-September. 

If you’d like to get off the beaten track a bit and don’t mind cycling some distance, why not take your kids to one of these secret beaches in Malaga?

Good for: children of all ages
Cycling distance: La Malagueta 2km; La Misericordia 3.5km; Pedregalejo and El Palo 5km

Ride to a Museum 


Museum-capital of southern Spain, Malaga has something for everyone including children. We’ve picked the list of those that are definitely “please do touch” so there’s no need to worry about your kids knocking the exhibits over or getting too close to that priceless masterpiece. All the museums in our list are easy to get to with kids on your bike in Malaga. 

Music for everyoneMIMMA, a great museum on Calle Beatas has instruments galore and most of them, for playing. Perhaps take the earplugs? Good events at weekends too.
Good for: children aged 3 to 10.
Cycling distance: 1km 

Sealife up close – Alborania on Muelle Dos (under the Pergola) is the official centre for recovery of sea mammals so you’ll probably see some turtles getting their strength back before they return to the Mediterranean. There’s also plenty of things to see, touch and explore, all to do with life in the sea.
Good for: children aged 3 to 12
Cycling distance: 500m 

Seeing is believing – the Museum of the Imagination just around the corner from our MALAGA BIKE rental shop really does stretch your imagination. A great one for teens and their mobiles, they won’t believe what they see here.
Good for: children aged 6 to 15
Cycling distance: 500m 

Make a Splash 

Being right next to the sea it makes sense to get in the water while you’re on holiday in Malaga.

A great thing to do with younger children is to head for the water splash park at the end of the western seafront. Open from 11am to 8pm from June to September, the park has a range of water features – sprinklers, fountains and one giant bucket that soaks the crowds.

Best of all? This one’s a perfect thing to do with kids on your bike in Malaga.

Good for: children aged 2 to 12
Cycling distance: 5km 

See the Animals 


Malaga has no zoos, but your children will love the small collection of animals in Parque del Oeste on the west side of Malaga.

You’ll all be surprised to find wallabies and emus plus a couple of chameleons – wait very patiently and you might see them change colour. The big lakes in the park are also home to lots of water birds and a big population of terrapins.

As well as great things to do with kids on your bike in Malaga, this park is one of the more unusual things to see in the city too.

Good for: children aged from 2
Cycling distance: 4km

Cycle to a Play Park

Children are spoilt for choice when it comes to great play parks in Malaga. You’ll see them everywhere in the city with lots in the city centre.

But if you fancy trying one out with the kids on your bike in Malaga, these make good options: 

Zipline excitement – Malaga beaches have plenty of play parks including two that come with zip lines.

Suitable for all ages, they also guarantee a soft landing if the ride is faster than expected. Look for them near the tall chimney on the western seafront and by the bridge to El Palo on the eastern seafront.

Good for: children aged from 5
Cycling distance: 4km to the west; 5.2km to the east.  

Film fun – out in Teatinos in the west of the city, the amazing Parque del Cine makes a great afternoon out with the kids. Themed entirely around favourite children’s films, there are plenty of things to climb, slide down and swing on. And then ride round the film tracks that circle the park. Best of all?

There are some bars and cafés nearby for a well-earned snack afterwards.

Good for: children aged from 3
Cycling distance: 4.5km

Giant slide – Parque Litoral near the beach at the west end of Malaga has one of the most popular attractions for kids in Malaga. The manmade hill has several long slides, monkey ropes to get up there plus very slippery grass to slide down on a piece of cardboard!

Younger kids can try out the tamer play areas in the park. This one is a very easy ride from our Malaga bike hire shop on bike lanes almost all the way and you can go to the beach too. 

Good for: children aged from 5
Cycling distance: 6.5km

Get kitted out 

Of course, there’s no point cycling anywhere with your kids on your bike in Malaga without the right gear.

Our bike rentals include special bikes for children – we measure them up when you come to collect your wheels.

Or if your kids are too small to pedal solo, we have child seats available in various sizes. So, there’s no excuse not to get the whole family on the saddle when you come on holiday to Malaga. 

Contact us to find out more about family bike hire in Malaga and for more recommendations on where to cycle to with the kids.

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