Cycling in Malaga | West Coast to Torremolinos

Undoubtedly, this is one of our favourite self-guided coast routes in Malaga to cycle!

Distances for this self-guided cycle along the coast from Malaga to: 

Torremolinos – 15 km; Benalmadena – 20 km; Fuengirola – 32 km

We recommend doing this route on one of our KONA trekking rental bikes, as part of the bike route takes place on non-technical off-road terrain. However, it is also possible to do the route on one of our city bikes.

This Malaga Cycle Routes Coast starts at our MALAGA BIKE shop. This is a flat off-the tourist-track cycle route. Along the way,  you can visit some cultural highlights of Malaga such as C.A.C. (Contemporary Art Centre);  the Car and Fashion Museum; The Russian Museum. As well, you can enjoy open green spaces like El Parque de Huelin; El Parque del Oeste, the Nature Reserve of the River Guadalhorce and El Parque de la Paloma in Benalmadena.

The self-guided Malaga Cycle route along the west coast is the same there and back. If you don’t feel like cycling back, you can put the bike on the Cercanias train. Trains run regularly along the coast from Fuengirola to Malaga.

Explore the SOHO district at the start of your cycle route west!

Firstly, from the MALAGA BIKE shop head west (left)  to explore the SOHO district.

Did you know?

During the 1800’s, this was a bourgeois neighbourhood. Many of the rich industrialist families lived here in their fancy mansions. 

These days, it is the neighbourhood of the arts. As you cycle through the neighbourhood, look up, down and all around to see some amazing street art murals.  Artists such as OBEY, Dadi Dreucol, Faith47, ROA and D*Face to name a few have left their mark here.

Now head towards the (usually) dry river Guadalmedina to find the first museum stop:

Visit CAC – the Contemporary Art Centre while on your cycle route to the west coast!

Address: Calle Alemania, S/N, 29001 Málaga

Opening hours: Winter 10.00- 20.00h Summer 10.00- 14.00 17.00-21.00h

Closed on Mondays. Entrance is free. 

The building was originally a wholesalers market. It functioned as a market from 1944 until the 1980’s. The architectural style is Rationalism. CAC opened its doors in 2003. The Centre´s permanent collection has around 400 works from the 1950’s to the present. Many famous international artists exhibit here.

After your cultural visit, why not try the restaurant OLEÓ next door? They do excellent tapas and sushi.

1. CAC_ the Contemporary Art Centre, next to the dry river Guadalmedina
CAC- Contemporary Art Centre

Behind CAC, you can find these two amazing murals by D*Face and Obey.

Murals CAC
Murals by D*Face & Obey

Watch this cool time lapse video of the painting of these two murals. 

Then continue south towards the sea. Bike west along the Malaga self-guided Cycle Routes west coast. Shortly thereafter, there is a bike path. The cycle path takes you through the first park.

Enjoy el Parque de Huelín on your west coast trip

Did you know?

The Huelin park is in the neighbourhood of Huelin. Mr. Huelin was a British businessman and philanthropist. As well as building factories in this area, he also built individual houses with small gardens for his factory workers. Before that, factory workers lived in communal housing called Corralones. 

Following the bike path we cross over to the promenade.

Car and Fashion Museum (Museo Automovilístico)

The Russian Museum (Museo Ruso) 

Address: Av de Sor Teresa Prat, 15, 29003 Málaga

Opening hours: Car & Fashion Museum: Every day 10.00h- 19.00h

Russian Museum: Tuesday to Sunday 9.30h- 20.00h

If you want to visit the museums, when the bike path branches into two at the traffic lights, cross the road.  

Follow the bike path north on Calle Princesa. At the next traffic lights, leave the bike path and cycle west about 100 meters to reach the Russian Museum (El Museo Ruso) and the Car & Fashion museum. Both are well worth a visit. 

Tabacalera- The old Tobacco Factory- Home of the Car & Fashion Museum & the Russian Museum
Tabacalera- The old Tobacco Factory- Home of the Car & Fashion Museum & the Russian Museum

Did you know? 

The museums are housed in the Tabacalera- the old tobacco factory. 

It’s a huge beautiful building, very Sevillian in its architectural style. The factory was opened in 1927 and was in use – in some part- until the year 2004. 

There is a bike parking just inside the entrance to the grounds.

…Back to the bike path on the promenade, continue going west towards the tallest chimney known locally as:

Torre Monica or Chimenea Monica. 

3. La Chimenea Monica on the promenade
Chimenea Monica on the promenade

Did you know? 

In the 1800’s, Málaga lived an industrial golden age. It was the second most important industrial city in Spain after Barcelona. At one time, there were over 300 of these chimneys in Málaga province. Now there are only 33 of them.  They are all protected as part of Málaga’s industrial heritage.

Cycle a surreal route in Parque del Oeste

Address: Calle Realenga de San Luis, 11, 29004 Málaga

Open daily from 7 am to dusk.

If you would like to visit the park, leave the bike path just after Torre Monica and cross the street to get to the park. The Parque del Oeste offers a green oasis that takes up two whole city blocks. It is dotted with some of the weirdest sculptures you’ll see anywhere. Designed by Stefan von Reiswitz, the 45 bronze figures combine mythology with fantasy and animals with humans in a fun collection dotted around the large park. 

A giant lake runs the length of the park – don’t miss Handel’s Water Music playing under the bridge – and there are lots of water birds and even a mini-zoo with wallabies and emus. 

Now back to the promenade to continue your Malaga Self-guided Cycle routes west along the coast. 

Follow the bike path after the end of the promenade until you come to a roundabout.  The bike path continues next to the road in the direction of the traffic. This is a critical point. Don’t follow the bike path! Keep going straight, cycling over the wasteland to the left of the roundabout. Cycle straight towards the river. Then turn right to cycle north. Cross the first small footbridge which will take you onto higher ground. (Better views!) Continue north to the beautiful wooden bridge which will take you to the other side of the river.

Bridge to the nature reserve
Cycle over the longest woooden bridge in Europe!

Did you know? 

This bridge, La Pasarela del Guadalhorce,  is the longest wooden bridge in all of Europe.

Cycle the route to the Guadalhorce Nature Reserve

After crossing the bridge, you can visit the nature reserve. The nature reserve is on the delta of the River Guadalhorce. First, lock your bike at the entrance. (Cycling in the reserve is not permitted). Then enjoy a leisurely stroll around the lagoons. The water in the lagoons is brackish- a mix of fresh water and salt water. This mix of sweet river and salty sea water has created a unique environment for bird watchers.

Evidently, the Guadalhorce river estuary is one of the main Mediterranean crossing routes between Europe and Africa for migrating birds. Incredibly, around 260 species of birds have been spotted there. If you are lucky, you may even see a flamingo or two!

Continue your west coast bike tour to Torremolinos

If you want to go to Torremolinos, first continue on the path after the bridge.  Then go up a small hill and across another bridge. Turn left after the bridge. Cycle about 50 metres and then go down a small hill to the right (don’t cycle all the way to the sea).

14. Take this path to the right to continue to Torremonlino
Take a right down this path to continue to Torremolinos

Turn right here and then right on the road.

Then cycle through the housing estate of Guadalmar. You will go past a golf course on your left. When you reach a small roundabout, follow the sign that says ‘playa’. This will bring you to LOS ALAMOS beach and the start of  Torremolinos. Los Alamos is a popular party scene during the summer. Many of the chiringuitos (beach bars) have DJ’s and live music. 

There is a bike path next to the promenade for the next few kilometres. The actual town of Torremolinos is high above the coastal road. If you want to explore the town, cycle to the end of the bike path, lock your bikes safely and walk up the (many) steps to the town. (There is also an elevator nearby that you can take up to the town). 

19.To visit the town of Torremolinos, go up these steps (or you can take the elevator)
Steps up to the town of Torremolinos

Did you know?

Torremolinos was where tourism first started on the Costa del Sol.

It was actually the idea of the dictator Franco. He decided to develop the tourist industry here in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. Back in the day, Torremolinos was the equivalent to today’s Marbella. Home to the jet set, with stars like Frank Sinatra, James A. Michener, Graham Green, John Lennon, Anthony Quinn, Winston Churchill, Salvador Dalí and many more lived the high life here. 

Today, it is easy to see from the architecture that the area dates from the 50’s and 60’s. Its hey-dey long gone, in recent years it has been reborn as the gay capital of southern Europe.  However, it continues to be a popular destination for package holidays, especially for tourists from Northern Europe.

Bike route along the coast to beautiful Benalmadena

Benalmadena is another popular tourist resort. Enjoy its wide mosaic paved promenade and extensive beaches.  Take a stroll around the Puerto Marina, a fancy complex of condos with private parking for their yachts! 

The town of Arroyo de la Miel is up the hill from the coast road. Between the coast and the town is the wonderful Parque de la Paloma. Covering 200,000m2,  it is the perfect place to chill out and enjoy the many animals that roam freely around the park. You can see peacocks, rabbits, chickens, goats, donkeys and much more. In Arroyo de la Miel, you can jump on the cable car to go up the mountain and get terrific views all along the coast. Also, the cercanias train station for Benalmadena is in Arroyo.

Did you know? 

El Parque de la Paloma ranks as one of the top 25 parks in Europe.

Fired up for a ride along the coast to Fuengirola? 

If you still have lots of energy, you can continue on to Fuengirola. It is another 12 kms along the coast from Benalmadena. Then your Malaga Self-Guided Cycle Route along the west coast will be complete!

Fuengirola is another established tourist destination on the Costa del Sol. Despite this, the old town with its narrow streets is still very charming. Don’t miss the stunning arabic Sohail Castle. It dates from the mid-10th century. 

Castle address:  C/ Tartesos. 29640 Fuengirola (Málaga)

Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday: 10.00h – 14.00h

Weekends & Holidays: 10.0h-14.00h and  15:30 h – 18:00 h.

Furthermore, another highlight not to be missed is the Fuengirola Bioparc. It is internationally recognised as one of the best zoos in the world.

Bioparc address: C/ Camilo José Cela, 6 – 8, 29640 Fuengirola, Málaga

Opening hours: Every day from 10.00h

Fuengirola is the last place that you can safely cycle to along the coast. From Fuengirola to Marbella is all motorway. 

We hope you have enjoyed your MALAGA BIKE self-guided cycle routes along the west coast!

Don’t forget to check out the east and northern routes!