How to get from Malaga Airport to City Centre

Congratulations! You have made the decision to come and visit Marvelous Malaga- the city of paradise!

Malaga is the perfect place to visit and has a LOT of everything to offer. For example: a top class gastronomic scene; over 40 museums; ancient monuments; great shopping and, of course, one of the best all-year climates in Europe.

Moreover, the city’s airport- the fourth largest in Spain- is very close to the city centre- just 12 kms from Málaga City.

Therefore, after your arrival, you are just minutes away from starting your Malaga adventure!

Here are some transportation options from Malaga airport to city centre.

(At the time of writing, it is obligatory to wear a mask that covers the mouth and nose on all public transport including taxis).

From Malaga Airport to City Centre: by TRAIN

Trainstation at the airport
Outside of airport train station at Terminal 3

In our opinion, the absolute best deal in town by far is the suburban Cercanias LINE 1 train.

The underground train station is immediately opposite the exit of the arrivals area at Terminal 3.

Trains to Malaga, in general, run every twenty minutes. The train journey from Malaga airport to the city centre is exactly 11 minutes. A one-way ticket costs 1,80€.

Purchase your tickets from one of the automatic terminals which offer you a choice of languages on the home screen. The ticket must be used within two hours of purchase on the same day. Once you have your ticket, hold on to it until the end of your journey. You have to scan the ticket in order to leave the station.

The entrance to the airport train station and ticket terminals

Once inside the station, there are two platforms: one for trains to Malaga and the other for trains in the direction of Fuengirola.

Sign to the platform for train from Malaga airport to city centre

If you are staying in the city centre, be sure to get off at the last stop: MALAGA CENTRO ALAMEDA.

The second to last stop is MALAGA MARIA ZAMBRANO, which is also where you can find the train station for long-distance train travel.

When you arrive at MALAGA CENTRO ALAMEDA station, follow the signs for Avenida de Andalucia/ Calle Alemania exit. Then either follow the Avenida de Andalucia exit sign to be on the west side of the river, or the Calle Alemania exit sign to come out on the east side of the river. The latter is the closest to the city centre- and to the MALAGA BIKE shop.

Exit sign train station
Sign in Malaga Centro Alameda train station for exit to Malaga City Centre

The last train leaving the airport is just before 1 in the morning.  The first train leaves at 6:44 a.m.

For more information on train times from the Malaga airport to city centre, check the Cercanias webpage.

Malaga Airport to City Centre: by BUS

Line A Express  Malaga Airport-Malaga City Bus

Airport bus stop
The Airport Express bus at the bus stop at Malaga Airport Terminal 3

In our point of view, the next best public transport option from Malaga airport to the city centre is the Airport Express Bus.  You can find the bus stop just outside the arrivals area of the Terminal 3 building as you leave the airport.  The Airport Express bus runs every 30-45 minutes from 7 a.m. to midnight depending on what time of day it is and also depending on the traffic. Tickets are 4€ and you can pay directly to the bus driver.  You can check the timetable on the bus company web page.

The bus stops at the following places en route to the city centre:

  • Malaga Airport
  • Aeroclub
  • Agenda de Velázquez
  • La Hoz (Mercado de Huelin)
  • Ayala (Los Arcos)
  • Avenida Explanada de la Estación (Estación FFCC Train Station)
  • Estación Autobuses (Bus Station/Maria Zambrano)
  • Avenida de Andalucía (Correos)
  • Alameda Principal (Sur)
  • Paseo del Parque (Plaza de la Marina)
  • Plaza del General Torrijos (City Centre).

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Luggage Storage

Left luggage storage at MALAGA BIKE shop

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Malaga Airport to City Centre: by TAXI

Taxi stand at Malaga airport

On leaving the arrivals area at Terminal 3, you will see the taxi stand to your right. You can’t miss it- there are usually lots of taxis waiting there. it’s all very organised. Someone will direct you to the next available taxi. If, for some reason, there are no taxis there, you can call one of the following taxi numbers: (+34) 952 33 33 33 or (+34) 942 04 04 04.

 The majority of taxis take 4 people, but there are some that can take 5, 7 or up to 9 people. Some of the bigger taxis have wheelchair accessibility. All taxis have their own number on the side of the vehicle. It’s a good idea to remember that number or take a photo of it in case you leave something in the taxi. All taxis charge a 5.50€ airport supplement. The total fare from Malaga airport to the city centre is around 20-25€. All taxis have a meter so you can see exactly the price you have to pay. Luggage and packages larger than 60 cm cost 45 cents extra per item.  Naturally, travel between midnight and 6 a.m. carries a 2€ supplement.

If you are arriving during one of the many festivals that happen in Malaga, like the Semana Santa (Easter Week) or during the Feria (mid-August) we definitely recommend taking the train as many streets are blocked to traffic. Otherwise, your trip from Malaga airport to the city centre may be more complicated than usual.

Malaga airport to City Centre: by PRIVATE OR SHARED TRANSFERS

If you prefer to arrange a private or shared transfer, there are plenty of companies that you can book before your arrival. We can personally recommend Solhop transfers.

Tipping is not expected in Spain in taxis and transfers. However, if you round up the fare a couple of euros, for sure the driver will appreciate it.

Trains and Buses from the City Centre to Malaga Airport

Again, our first recommendation is to take the train from Malaga Centro Alameda station. Walk along the Alameda Principal and then turn left just before the dry river to find the entrance to the station.

Malaga Centro trainstation
Entrance to Malaga Centro Alameda C1 Train Station in Malaga City Centre

The Airport Express bus has three stops in the city centre. The first stop is at the far end of El Parque near the Plaza General Torrijos. The second stop is at the opposite end of El Parque and the third, most central stop is just near the main street Calle Larios, on the Alameda Principal in front of Burger King.

Busstop center to the airport
Bus stop in the Alameda Principal for airport express bus to Malaga Airport

We hope this blog will give you a stress-free start to your arrival to- and departure from- Malaga. And remember -Malaga is better on a bike- a MALAGA BIKE bike, of course!