Gibralfaro | Málaga by Bike

Regularly we get the question if it is possible to go to the Gibralfaro fort by bike. Every time we reply to this we say: YES!! In this blog we will explain why you should try this and how to reach the top by bike.

3 reasons why you should do this beautiful trip to the top:
1.  Amazing view from the city, the beach and you can explore the amazing bullring from a different view
2. A relaxing and active work-out to give your holiday a boost!
3. Explore one of the most impressive Moorish influences that the city has.

Moorish palace at the beginning of the Gibralfaro
Moorish palace at the beginning of the Gibralfaro

The Gibralfaro is still a beautiful remnant from the Moorish times. For eight centuries they have occupied Málaga. Today we can still admire the impressive architecture. The Alcazaba is the palace at the bottom of the mountain. Here you will find beautiful courtyards and orange trees.

If you go further up you reach the fort. The view there is spectacular. You have a great view off the port but you can also walk around and see all sides of the city of Málaga. A perfect location for a picnic. You might even see some squirrels, jumping from tree to tree!

How you can reach the top by bike?
It is possible to start your cycling adventure at 2 different places. One is at the end of Plaza de Merced and the other one is on the right side of the Alcazaba. From here it is very easy:  follow the road up until you reach the old balcony, where the view is the reward of your bike ride!