Where can I rent a bike near me?

In fact, we have the answer to your question ”Where can I rent a bike near me in Malaga?” Clearly, right here! At MALAGA BIKE!

Moreover, we are your local rent a bike experts. Founded in 2008, MALAGA BIKE is the pioneer bike rental company in the city. Obviously, we love bikes and therefore we love cyclists, too! As a result of so many years experience renting bikes in Malaga, we have tons of cycling knowledge. Therefore, all of our staff are more than happy to share this knowledge with you- our valued customer.

Where is your rent a bike shop near me?

Naturally, we are in the centre of the beautiful city of Málaga. MALAGA BIKE is close to all the major hotels, monuments and museums of the historical centre. Conveniently, we are located at Calle Trinidad Grund, 5a, just 50 metres from the main tourist office in the Plaza de la Marina. We are in the SOHO district adjacent to the Alameda Principal. Nearby is the spectacular main shopping street of Malaga, Calle Larios. The beautiful port area of Malaga is just 5 minutes from our bike shop.

What kind of bike rentals do you offer?

Inside the Malaga Rent a Bike shop

Currently, we have a wide selection of Dutch-style city bikes, with 26″ wheels or 28″ wheels in different sizes. Additionally, you can choose a bike with a basket or no basket. Hence, these are the perfect kind of bikes on which to do our local bike routes.

In contrast, for longer, more sporty rides try a KONA trekking rent a bike. With 24 gears you can climb every mountain in Malaga if you like!

In general, it is always better to reserve your bike rental in advance to avoid disappointment.

Do you have bike rental for children?

Yes, we have a fleet of kids bicycles in all sizes. Choose from city bike style or mountain bike style.

Do you rent bike child seats ?

Of course, we want the whole family to have fun cycling around Malaga. For 1-2 year olds choose a front child seat. For older kids up to 7 years old back child seats are the best.

Where can I go on my rent a bike?

Clearly. we have some really nice cycling routes to share with you. Conveniently,you can scan QR codes in our shop for each bike route or we can give you a print out of each route. Check out all the routes to plan your bike trip on our routes and maps page.

How long can I rent a bike for?

Naturally, you may rent a bike for as long as you like. On the one hand, most of our customers rent a bike for one day. That means until the end of the day when the shop closes. On the other hand, it is possible to rent for overnight or for the duration of your stay in Málaga.

What is included in my rent a bike service?

Locks, helmets, repair kits, routes and recommendations. Lights are available for long-term rent a bike service.

In conclusion, for your best bike rental experience in Malaga, we truly hope that you will choose MALAGA BIKE for all your Malaga cycling holiday needs! Indeed, Malaga is better on a bike. Come and see for yourself!