Traffic Regulations Málaga

In the following link – in the part ‘TITULO III’ starting on page 16 -you can find the Municipal law (in Spanish) that regulates the use of the bicycle in the city of Malaga: Ordenanza de Movilidad de Málaga

We have outlined below the most relevant points to take into consideration when cycling in the city. The following translation of the rules is for information purposes only. Malaga Bike Tours takes no responsibility for any possible misinterpretation of the translation.

Areas of circulation

Cycle Lanes

Cyclists must cycle on the right and not invade pedestrianised areas.

Traffic lanes limited to 30 km/h

In these areas, drivers of any motor vehicles will adjust their speed to that of the cyclists and should never exceed 30 km/h.

Residential areas

When cycling in residential areas, cyclists must be aware of possible use of the street by others and they must adjust their speed to that of the pedestrians.  The speed limit of 20 km/h must  not be exceeded.

Pedestrianized areas/ shared space

Some pedestrian areas, for example, the promenade east of the Malagueta and the Alameda Principal have a segregated space for cyclists. Pedestrians always have priority over cyclists. Cyclists will adjust their speed to that of the pedestrians and will respect the established speed limit when using pedestrian designated streets. If the shared space area is too crowded, cyclists must dismount and walk.

General behaviour rules

It is mandatory to cycle enabling circulation of others and causing no harm, danger or disturbance to any other person or property.


Under 16’s must wear helmets


Lights must be used at night as well as when going through tunnels and in inclement weather.

Bike Parking

Bikes should be parked on designated bike parking stands. If none are available, bikes can be parked in pedestrianised areas as long as they do not cause obstruction or danger to pedestrians and/ or other vehicles.

It is prohibited by law to:

  • cycle in the historical center
  • cycle on the promenade in Pedregalejo & El Palo
  • cycle in the bus/taxi lane
  • cycle on sidewalks & pedestrianised streets
  • transport children over 7 years old in child seats
  • talk on a mobile phone while cycling
  • use headphones while cycling
  • take part in non-authorized competitions, races, etc.
  • do wheelies or latch on to passing motorized vehicles
  • cycle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Malaga Bike Tours & Rentals is not responsible for any fines incurred by the customer during the bike rental period.